About us

Ds4 is an Italian company entirely composed by highly skilled technicians that gathers all the modern technology engineering branches such as mechanical engineering, electronics, software, firmware, mathematics , artificial vision and A.I. Uniqueness is the key element that makes us different from competitors; we are specialized in combining and integrating several High-tech systems, very different from each other, such as laser, computer vision, non-conventional robotics, mathematics, neural networks and computerization of systems, mixed together to realize complex solutions. 

The long-standing experience, our deeply customers orientated aim, the constant pursuit of excellence, the curiosity and passion are DS4 key factors, because they are inside each member of our company. This passion transforms into high quality and reliability of our products and into dedicated “Customer-orientated” services.Our systems are oriented towards customers that want to reach and maintain their own leadership, through the use of non-conventional advanced technology and tailor-made solutions.

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we are creators

The customer shows to the DS4 a specific 
problem or a challenge and asks to develop a satisfying Hi-tech and tailor solution. 
Thanks to its own know how, strengthened by the awareness of the customer and the product, R&D division tries to understand and pre-empt the demands of the market through developing autonomously a high-tech system to be proposed the customer.

we are engineers

Analysis of specific techniques requested by the customer. FEM analysis.

Feasibility study of the project. Software development for personalized management of the machinery. Development and testing of the prototype.

     we are manufacturers

Purchase of mechanical and electronic parts from suppliers based on the specific techniques of the system to be produced. Assembly of mechanical and electronic parts. 

Installation of the personalized software on the machinery.Test.

Machinery’s delivery.Installation.

Training staff assigned to the machinery.