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Clever DS4 srl
Clever DS4 srl
High precision laser marking and engraving machine for metals.

Adaptable to any industry sector


Flexibility and portability

The easy interfacing with any pre-existing machine and/or production line, the high-tech solutions adopted, the availability of a series of configurations that are normally reserved for much larger machines, as well as the excellent cost-to-performance ratio are all tangible advantages of this solution, which is totally unique in terms of flexibility and portability.


Developed entirely by DS4, the integrated software with simplified graphic interface allows for the immediate
management of all marking, engraving and cutting operations and a wide range of pre-set procedures, as well as the full satisfaction of Industry 4.0 requirements.

The “CLEVER” machine represents, for DS4, the “STATE OF THE ART
in terms of compact dimensions and advanced technology combined with a series or innovations that render this marker one of a kind.

Improved ergonomic solutions for the
utmost ease of use

Both working positions (standing and seated) and a series of accessories specifically designed and created in order to guarantee the best possible technical solution from both a material processing and performance point of view.

Clvere DS4 ergonomia


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Clever DS4
Clever DS4

Sistema di visione integrata per controllo di processo accurato.

3-side opening of the electric door for maximum freedom of movement during loading and unloading of the components to be processed.

Apertura/chiusura della portella

di sicurezza ad altissima velocità  (fino a 4 volte più veloce che con un sistema di apertura pneumatico) ottenuto con l’adozione di un sistema a controllo attivo di coppia che mette in completa sicurezza l’operatore

durante le attività di carico/scarico dei componenti da lavorare;

Heavy-duty grade fanless integrated PC with Windows 10 PRO 64 Intel®
Core™ i5-i7 and SSD.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse (storable) and other command components integrated into the machine structure together with a sophisticated “all-in-one” design render this
marker extremely compact.

Integrated remote support.
Integrated remote video support.

Availability of up to 5
interpolated axes (Z, X, Y, A, C) in order to be able to carry out

Electronically controlled Z axis on recirculating ball rail as standard for utmost performance
and to guarantee consistent quality production over time.

Ready for robot loading-unloading.
Ready for cobot loading-unloading.

Up to 48-month warranty available as a demonstration of the level of reliability and quality of the marker.

Extremely high-speed opening and closing of the safety door (up to 4 times faster than a pneumatic system) made possible through the application of a system of active torque control that fully protects the operator during the loading and
unloading of items to be processed.

Ready for process fume
extraction system.

Possibilità di vendita o noleggio (why buy) al fine di offrire la massima performance anche dal punto di vista finanziario.

Purchase or rental (why buy) options available in order to offer maximum performance in economic terms.

Integrated vision system for accurate process monitoring.

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Possibilità di vendita o noleggio (why buy) al fine di offrire la massima performance anche dal punto di vista finanziario.

“Fly Case” packing of the marker available; designed and produced to facilitate totally safe transportation anywhere in the world and to manage repairs in complete safety, avoiding the need for on-site technical intervention.
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