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Square metres

DS4 S.r.l. is a company composed entirely of specialised and highly trained technicians,

which brings together all the branches of modern technological engineering, including mechanics, electronics, software, firmware, mathematics and neural network systems.

We operate in the field of advanced technology, with a particular focus on the creation of high-tech products for an extensive range of industrial sectors. The feature that characterises us particularly is uniqueness and consists in the ability to combine the activity of high-level system integration and the development of differing fundamental technologies such as lasers, artificial vision, non-conventional robotics, mathematics, neural networks and system computerisation, resulting in both integrated and stand-alone systems.

Experience, customer focus, continuous research, curiosity and enthusiasm are all elements that characterise the company, as they can be found in every single member of DS4.

This passion is expressed in the quality and reliability of our products and in our customer-oriented services. Our systems are targeted above all at clients that seek to achieve or maintain leadership through the adoption of tailor- made non-conventional advanced technology.



Our values

These values are the reasons why trust has been placed in us by thousands of clients in  the course of more than 27 years.

Technlology and innovation

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Passion and dedication

Dialogue and solution

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