The magazine "L'Eco di Bergamo" spoke about DS4 srl

The local magazine "L'Eco di Bergamo" pubblished an article about  DS4 srl.

Angelo Petrogalli,(DS4 srl CEO) interviewed by Giuseppe Arrighetti, told about the company founded with his friend, Attilio Rinaldi, in 1996. All the article into the attached pdf document.

Applicazioni Laser - Robots, 3D vision, advanced mathematical algorithm and laser tool

The magazine 'Laser application' pubblished an article on an important solution developed by DS4.

Robotics, artificiail vision, mathematics and laser : four ingredients for a unique intellicence superficial texturing systems.

Applicazioni Laser - Over the technology

Workshop on high brilliance laser at Politecnico of Milan University. 27th of September Angelo Petrogalli, chief of DS4 Laser Technology, co-founder and CTO of Cactooos – The Engraving Network, will attend the 6° Workshop Laser Alta Brillanza (High brilliance laser) promoted by SITEC - Laboratory for Laser Applications of Politecnico di Milano. The title is “High brilliance laser sources for industrial applications: fiber, disk and the new emerging diode”.

From milling to laser

The magazine 'Laser application' spoke about DS4. From milling to laser, to reduce cycle time and obtain flexibility. Laser cut allow processing extremely fast and clear.

LSE Laser System Europe - The DS4 Laser Technology in the textile Industry

Angelo Petrogalli (DS4 S.r.l. CEO) interviewed by Greg Blackman, Laser System Europe (LSE). All the details into the attached pdf document.

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